Gledhill Accolade Estate Parts & Spares Guide

Comprehensive Guide to Gledhill Accolade Estate Boiler Parts: Understanding Your Heating System

Understanding the various components of your Gledhill Accolade Estate boiler system is crucial for its efficient operation and maintenance. Below is a detailed guide explaining the function of each part:

  • 22mm 2 Port Zone Valve XG083 / 28mm 2 Port Zone Valve XC012: These valves control the flow of water to different zones or areas within your heating system, allowing for precise temperature control in each zone.

  • Tundish XG207: A safety device used to safely discharge water from the boiler's safety valve, preventing pressure buildup and potential damage.

  • Immersion Heater C/W Stat XG086: Provides an additional heating source for the boiler system, ensuring hot water availability even when the central heating is not in use.

  • Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve XG169: A safety valve that releases excess pressure and prevents overheating within the boiler, ensuring safe operation.

  • Control/Overheat Thermostat XG168: Monitors the temperature of the boiler and shuts off the heating element if it exceeds a safe level, preventing overheating and damage.

  • Anti Vacuum Valve GT056: Prevents the formation of a vacuum within the boiler, ensuring proper water circulation and preventing damage to internal components.

  • 24 Litre Expansion Vessel XG216 / 18 Litre Expansion Vessel XG215 / 12 Litre Expansion Vessel XG214: These vessels absorb the expansion of water within the heating system, helping to regulate pressure and prevent damage from excessive pressure buildup. Each size corresponds to different system requirements.

Understanding the functions of these components empowers you to effectively maintain and troubleshoot your Gledhill Accolade Estate boiler system. If you encounter any issues beyond your expertise, seek professional assistance to ensure the safety and efficiency of your heating system.